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My review for “The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations for Clarity, Effectiveness, and Serenity” by Ryan Holiday:

Aaaand done.

* Latest Fedora Workstation 35.
* GitHub access configured.
* Emacs fully configured—thanks to dotfiles it's just a pull and a link away:
* Latest notes pulled.

Now I can flip the flip the (physical) Wi-Fi switch and get to writing 📝📝📝

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Autoscrolling logs in a Linux terminal on the side monitor are *so* soothing for some reason.

The book itself—“Software Engineering at Google”—is a *FREE* download on abseil:

So if you're curious about it, you don't need to buy it :)

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“Prefer version control problems over dependency management problems.”

Meaning: if you can see all the code that depends on your changes, you can fix it *as part of the change*, which is vastly preferable to sorting out dependencies that all live elsewhere.

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When writing bad code you know is bad: “You still have the existential risk of getting the next funding round.”

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“If you ever have to run make clean then your build system is bad.”

I feel personally attacked XD

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“Nobody is responsible for the merge. It just works.”

Trunk-based on large teams will remain a mystery to me for a while, I see some problems (mostly mechanical) with it that I don't know how I would solve. I guess you have to try it on a team where it's already set up.

> Published research: “Trunk-based development leads to better outcomes.”
> * No long-lived dev branches
> * No choices where to commit
> * No choices which version to depend upon

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Going to revive this bad boy soon as a WritePad™.

* Lightweight Linux (it runs Fedora now, I'll see if I can slim it down).
* Extended battery (coming).
* Will try and slow down the CPU as much as possible to decrease the power draw, don't need much power for writing.

Me trying to undo 10 years of bad habits: “Why am I not immediately productive???”

Letting these drop soon… Didn't do anything interesting with them for a year.

Had to google how to insert ^M (\r) in vim. It's Ctrl-V followed by Enter.

Ctrl-V is a handy shortcut to remember in general—it inserts the following non-digit literally, or, in other words, any key (besides numbers) that you press after Ctrl-V is inserted as a symbol into text.

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