Some tedium is about to ensue, but you can run a CMake project directly in WSL2 from Visual Studio.

The plan is to do normal development like this on WSL, then try deploying to a local virtual Linux, and then to a Linode.

So unused to this 😬

So far I was unable to make a proper iOS project but I think have enough pointers.

1. conan cross-compilation
2. lipo fat binaries
3. somehow set up with cmake -G Xcode
4. include into premade iOS project
5. ???
6. profit

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OK, you can actually remove the GLib requirement from harfbuzz through conanfile.txt options.

But you have to find it manually in the Python recipe :)

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Me: finding perfect tools for the job and then never using them.

Cambridge Z88 desktop emulator from

Cambridge Z88 is an interesting machine announced within days of my birthday (which makes it especially interesting).

"The C++ compiler is not able to compile a simple test program." 😢

Perhaps, unsurprising, considering habits are literally neuron growth inside your brain.

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@ajroach42 Haha yes, exactly my thoughts. I have a few ESP32 lying around from work that I meant to start experimenting with.

I'll keep you posted if I do make any progress :)

@ajroach42 Yeah, I figured pretty much the same (did some search for suitable parts).

For the SoC, I'd think it would be enough to pick something very dumb (not the GHz-scale multicore ones).

I was thinking something embedded with e.g. FreeRTOS. That would require custom software, but it's worth it.

Display interfaces... yeah.

That's why I'm saying "low-key," I certainly don't have many *specific* answers on how to do something like that. But still thinking about it.

@ajroach42 I'm low-key thinking of *building* something like this instead, considering systems like this are so hard to procure.

Small case, 60-70% mechanical low-rise keyboard, low-power SoC, e-ink or low-power TFT...

In theory it's only 5 parts connected together: power, keyboard, screen, the SoC and maybe some I/O.

A man can dream.

@ajroach42 Thanks! It sounds just perfect for my use case (mostly writing, 100% offline).

Very tempted to try and get one :)

@ajroach42 That is completely bonkers 😆

Is it because of the increased capacity of the modern batteries? I read that it was originally supposed to run for 10 hours on a set AAs.

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