Some tedium is about to ensue, but you can run a CMake project directly in WSL2 from Visual Studio.

The plan is to do normal development like this on WSL, then try deploying to a local virtual Linux, and then to a Linode.

So unused to this 😬

Cambridge Z88 desktop emulator from

Cambridge Z88 is an interesting machine announced within days of my birthday (which makes it especially interesting).

"The C++ compiler is not able to compile a simple test program." 😢

Going to revive this bad boy soon as a WritePad™.

* Lightweight Linux (it runs Fedora now, I'll see if I can slim it down).
* Extended battery (coming).
* Will try and slow down the CPU as much as possible to decrease the power draw, don't need much power for writing.

Letting these drop soon… Didn't do anything interesting with them for a year.

New book day.

“Gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth”—already sounds like fun.

Lifehack: you can wash your mousepad in a washing machine.

Hung it on the side of a heater and it was dry in a couple of hours when I was finished reading a book.

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